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I have lip or tongue swellings occur about once a month. I went in for allergy patch testing and blue dye came up positive. I am in the process of testing this theory out, but I think there is a good chance this will be the cause. I think this because the only reaction I have had since the testing, came after eating lime sherbet (blue dye) for dessert.

Thinking back, there is a good chance I could have had one of these products on the days of my other reactions: blue colored Gatorade, peanut m&mís (blue ones), key lime yogurt (blue dye), Hawaiian punch (blue dye), blue popsicles and who knows what else.

I also had some red rashes on my biceps quite frequently. After the patch testing, I realized my deodorant, shampoo and hand soap all contained blue dye. I know a lot of toothpastes do too. I got rid of these products and went to fragrance free, dye free products and my rashes are completely gone. Although, I am also taking Allegra daily know, so who knows if it is just the antihistamine working.

Good luck and I would pursue allergy testing, you can be tested for product you come in contact with, as well as products you ingest. Itís a pain to go through testing, but not worth it to not go.

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