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Hi Santo -

I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis and chronic sinusitis over a year and half ago, and had endoscopic sinus surgery done in March 2004.

For me personally, I take allegra daily, a dosage of Nasonex and get allergy shots twice a week. I've also got a prescription for Duratuss whenever I get a bad sinus headache and am congested. (My allergist told me this was the same as taking Sudafed Sinus medicine).

IN ADDITION, I irrigate my sinus cavities with my Water Pik system on an "as needed basis" - I use 16 oz. distilled water and 2 sinus rinse packets (which I discovered online) - it seems to help - it gets the extra drainage out of me.

I think the humidity is also a factor - I've noticed the past two weeks I've gotten more sinus headaches and pressure than I'm used to, and the base at the back of my head is tight from the sinuses expanding in that area.

My chiropractor is VERY helpful in sinus relief - I had no idea how much your sinuses affect your neck bones.


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