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These are the following symptoms i get on a daily basis for the past years....
Here a brief history of myself. I have very bad allergies/asthma. I'm almost allergic to everything. I breakout in hives, wheeze, sneeze all day, watery eyes, itchy eyes. I do know exactly what i'm allergic to. I own a small pomeranian and i am soooo allergic to him. I took all the measure anyone can possible do to keep the dog and eliminate flare ups of asthma and wheezing.
This has been going on for years and happens on a daily basis-In the mornings when i wake up, i sneeze non-stop, i have watery eyes, my nose is running, i have lots of snot/mucus i have to blow out in the mornings. I don't have headaches in the morning, however as the day progess...i still continue to sneeze...throughout the entire day. My job involves me working in front of a computer monitor the whole day at work. As my day progess, i have headaches, my ears feel clogged up(everyday on a daily basis, in the mornings and at night), my head feels very stuffed and heavy...i almost cannot describe the feeling. I sometimes get lightheaded. My eyes are SUPER sensitive to light(don't forget i work in front of a computer monitor all day). I get spacey and confused sometimes. I believe i get brain fog, altho i can't justify if what i'm feeling is brain fog. I'm very tired all the time, with not a lot of energy. torwards the end of the day at work, i usually develop a headache or a slight migrane...and my symptoms gets severe as the day progess, especially when i get off work and drive home from work in traffic for 2 hours. By the time i get home, i ussually develop a migrane. I feel as if i have to lay down and rest my head. My eyes get sooooo strained by this time. Feels as if something is pulling in my eyes and it feels better when i shut it and lay down. My nose if stuffed 24/7, every day. I sneeze all day long.

I kinda have an idea what i have , but would like feel more comfortable hearing it from another person's point of view.

Any advice you can give would help.



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