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Hi Emma, this is all new to me. in September I had a very tiring day, I went to bed and fell asleep, around 2:00am I felt a sting on my upper side lip. I thought a bug bit me, but then it began to tingle and swell, I got up and to my surprise my lip was swollen, the next day the swelling went away, but on my way home from work I began to itch, I had hives on my upper legs, I had never had hives before and I'm 48! I took benedryl for the next couple of days and the hives and swelling went away. As soon as I stopped taking the benedryl the hives came back, then the lips began to swell again, always in the middle of the night. About a week ago I thought I would try and get off the antihistamines but the hives came back and in the middle of the night I got the lip swelling again, this time my throat felt tingly and weird, I don't know if it was swelling or just my nervous imagination, I wasn't wheezing or anything but it felt weird, I took benedryl again and waited until I felt better. I have a doctors appointment on the 16th of Nov. I'm taking Reactine ,it keeps the hives and swelling far. I don't seem to see any swelling anywhere else, well maybe on my finger tips. I'm worried that the antihistamines will stop working and my throat will close up, I can't sleep for fear of this. Why does it always happen in the middle of the night?? I will go for allery testing I'm sure, but I really think that this is hormone related for me, my age and all. Do you think I should be worried about my throat tingling? I did see a doctor a few weeks ago, he told me to take the Reactine.


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