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Sep 9, 2005
Hey all.. I've had some problems the past year or so, and I'm not sure what it could be. I've had the following symptoms.. some more prevalent than others. I'm obviously not sure what the cause is, so I want some opinions.

Ear popping / glue ear - i've been to several doctors, ENT, allergist, etc.. none seem to be able to help. I told the ENT that my jaw hurt at one point, and he said I had TMJ and couldn't help me anymore, but referred me to a TMJ specialist. Nothing seems to help the ear, no matter what I take. This is the most prevalent symptom.

Sore throat / tightness in swallowing - it feels like my throat is swelled, and most of the time it's hard to swallow.

Sinus Pressure / Clogged Sinuses/Nose


Dry/Itchy Eyes

Dry Mouth - not as frequent as other symptoms

Shortness of breath / Tight chest

I've went to a dentist recently and I needed a root canal on one of my teeth, and I remember about a year ago the tooth started to decay. Since I haven't been to a dentist in over 10 years, my gums also had 'severe gum disease'.

I just got the root canal yesterday, and i got my lower gums scaled with a root/deep scaling. I still need the tops scaled.

I've had asthma when I was younger, so maybe its coming back now?

When I went to the allergiest, she gave me "Aller-X"? And after taking that for a few days, it felt like i was generating a lot of phlemn in the back of my throat, and I would have to hock it up. Is this a bad thing?

What do you think? could this all be focused around my gum disease or could it be something different, like allergies? I'm not sure where to turn.. either pursue the dentist or go to a different doctor.

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