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I just had turibinbate/sinus/tonsillectomy done on 10/25. I was supposed to have my upper palate done, too, but insurace denied it, and I'm kind of glad. I did have the packing, plus splints, as the dr had to remove a weird bone thing, and then 'upper' packing. I don't even want to know how they got it all up there!! Today is the first day I'm really having trouble with PND, and that probably wouldn't even be that bad if my throat weren't also sore from losing my tonsils. My dr gave me oxycontin and lortab, but the oxycontin didn't do anything so I stopped taking it after 2 days. I had never been under a general anesthetic before, and throwing up as I was coming out of surgery was my biggest fear. They put a little patch behind my ear before they put me under (I never did get the name: Skullpatch, or scorepatch, something like that) to prevent nausea. NO PROBLEMS, happy to report. I have had no pain in the sinuses themselves (the dr cleaned 'em all out - reported to my husband post-op that he saw 'advanced sinus disease), and just a little twinge from the broken nose cartilage. It is hard (we have a 3 year old, and nobody to help post-op, so I know what I'm talking about), but RESIST the urge to bend over or do too much too soon. It WILL start nosebleeds. Yes, removing the first set of packing was uncomfortable, but it's over pretty quickly, and then you can start to breathe. One thing to remember this time of year (I guess it depends where you live) - is that you will feel the cold air much more when you breathe. Right after you have your packs out, you might want to have a little something to put over your face til you get used to it. It was 39 outside a couple of days ago when I got the last packs and the splints removed, and when I went outside, it was like the biggest mentholyptus-kind of feeling. I am actually liking the Wilson's solution sinus rinses, as they are continuing to get stuff out, but I do get stuffy during the day, and am back to breathing thru my mouth again. Talked to the nurse today, and she said I could make my own saline solution to rinse with, using 1/4 tsp salt to 10 oz water. I might try that. Thanks for the tip on the Mucinex, too - I was wondering if that would help with the PND. I went back to work on Day 9, but I'm sure that if I'd only had the sinus surgery done, it could have been sooner. Hope I was able to add something useful. Good luck!

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