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[QUOTE=sneezydiva]Sinus infections, tonsil infections, and even tooth infections can all cause referred pain to the ear. So you need to go back to the doctor and get re-examined right away and put on a different antibiotic.[/QUOTE]

I have horrible tonsils. I have considered in the past about getting them removed. Right now I don't have any health insurance, so thats been the main reason I have been putting it off. I have what you call Tonsil Crypts. Ever heard of it??? It's when your tonsils have a deep pocket that forms whitish-like discharge. This discharge is actually food debris caught in the Tonsil Crypts. It actually is a hard clump of old food. Let me tell you, this is a horrible smell. It gives you really bad breath. I constantly use q-tips to apply pressure around these crypts to help remove the debris. Although, this sometimes causes irritation around my tonsils and sometimes cancker sores. Let me say, I rather have a sore than horrible s**t-smelling breath.

My lymph nodes under my neck swell up more during the night when I sleep. I wake up with huge lymph nodes under my neck, sometimes as large as a gulf ball. I kid you not. :) It usually takes 1-2 hours after I wake up for the swelling to go down. Strange huh??? I was wondering if it possible to have an Adenoid infection??? Can you even have an Adenoid infection??? Well, anyways, I'm sure its due to my tonsils or something. ;)

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