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Re: Pnd
Oct 14, 2005
Hey Karma!
How are you doing? I hate going on antibiotics too, I had 4 courses within a short period a couple of years ago and it really messed my stomach up for ages, I had to take acidophilus for ages.

It doesn't hurt when you do nasal irrigation - you use warm water so it doesn't shock the body and you mix salt (not table) into it so that it is saline, exactly what the body is used to. If you got it in your eye it wouldn't hurt. I don't know about any other methods of nasal irrigation, I know that you can use other methods but I don't know how to do them. They may work just as well or better.

It doesn't sound good about the dizzyness, blacking out feeling. That could well be to do with your sinuses being blocked. I get dizzyness myself but that is to do with a virus that wiped out my balance. I know that the sinuses being blocked can cause dizzyness, lightheadedness, brain fog symptoms. Sounds pretty much like you when you do gymnastics!
YOu know the dr can give you different antibiotics that may help more than the previous ones did. Or why don't you try steaming with hot water and tea tree oil - just use a couple of drops. The tee tree oil has antibacterial properties that may help to reduce an infection. Im in the UK and have bought a saline nose wash from the chemist in the past - why don't you go in and ask what they have?
Let me know what you get!

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