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Re: Lip Swelling
Oct 30, 2005
You know this happens to me all the time as well. I also have no explanation as to why it happens. My lip will feel all tingly, then a large bump starts to form, and then my lips swell huge and last for many hours then it goes away. I usually always take benadryl to help the swelling. But there have been times that i havent taken benadryl and it took longer for the swelling to go down. My eyes do the same thing all the time. They swelll almost complety shut. I always know when my eyes swell because it always feels like i got something in it and they feel very puffy, and then boom it swells up. I was watching t.v. the other night and one of the signs of my eye swelling was the feeling of something in it and sure enough i looked in the mirror and it was almost swollen shut. It just started swelling for no reason. My eyes and lips swelll all the time. I have no explanation for it. I do have very very bad allergies. I am allergic to everything that the ENT's test for, and i also have been recently diagnosed with asthma. So ive got it bad and i am allergic to something that is making me swell up like that i just wish i knew what it was. I know that i am very very allergic and sensitive to house dust, and my house is very very dusty, and it stays that way no matter how much i dust, so im wondering if its the dust that is making me swell so much. Like i said it does it all the time. So there could be many reasons as to why we swell up.

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