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Hey there, just thought id let u kno is that i definately know how you feel. I suffered this for at least 1 whole year where i felt almost like hungover like every single day! (and i dont drink alcohol). Mine was definately due to allergies and sinusitis... but my mum bought me these capsules called Vitagain.. *you'll have to google this for urself, and it helps nasal allergies (this is what was causing the inbalance because my sinus and nasal passage way were blocked causing vertigo). Anyway this helped me heaps and i hardly ever feel nauseas and dizzy anymore! seriously it was my savour. Anyways just thought id let u know just in case you wanted to try something!

I still suffer from really gross PND tho, but its a lot better than PND + nausea all the time.

Good luck!
It sounds like allergies to me. Out of control allergies can mimic sinus infections IME. I also had "normal" CT scans, but my allergist explained to me that it did show allergy irritation, but not sinusitis, which is all the radiologists and ENTs care about.

HAve your tried prescription allergy meds or nosesprays?

I also feel better when I excersise. I think the endorphins released when excersising have an anti-inflammatory effect.

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