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[FONT=Arial]I have been a long term sufferer of exczema on my hands which I have solved by washing with emmollient ointment instead of soap.

But I get this other intermittent problem that most recently occurred after a long cold bike ride. My eyelids swelled up and exczema outbreaks cropped up all over my face and a few other parts of my body. The doctors don't have much of a clue, & I cannot narrow it down as it only happesn every now and again.

I also get a violent reaction to scuba diving in the red sea with a wet suit, which stopped me diving all together. All in all these allergies are driving me to despair - instead of creams and nasal squirts I would like to find a real rememdy, such as a vitamin supplement or an anti-histamine or something that I could take every day and would also help with my blocked nose. Does anybody have any bright ideas please?

Otherwise I am very fit & healthy and a keen sportsman who watches his diet, competes at National level etc.[/FONT]

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