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Is it possible to suddenly be allergic to a food you've previously eaten without problem for years? Any answers will be much appreciated!

Now... below is a thread a started in the Skin Problems forum, but I'm nearly convinced now my problem is an allergy one, so I'll repost it here. Again, I'd great appreciate any comments.

Red spots on skin, hives, and other problems! Please help!


I've had very minor breakouts throughout the years on my skin... red spots, maybe even small hives that appear for a bit and go away completely in less than an hour. I figured it an allergic reaction to something (I know I'm allergic to dusts, cats and perhaps other things). I deal with it.

In the past couple weeks I've been getting unexplainable large itchy hives (I'll call them hives even though I can't be sure they are hives) particulary on my lower back and stomach..... oh, and my shoulders too. They get really red, itchy, and if I scratch them they seem to get even more inflamed. Oddly, they go away within a half hour, sometimes much quicker.

Now it's getting scarier, or more annoying, as I'll have breakouts on my face... these are normally red patches only, no hives, and tonight one appeared on my nose and face.. one large red patch. I looked at it in the mirror afraid it would stay like that but in a matter of a couple minutes, it had gone completely! Likewise, during the past week or two I'll get weird lines appearing on my face, one or two at a time max, that look like little red scratches... they aren't scratches. They are an inch or longer and they too go away before very long.

My forehead will get red spots too, which my mom pointed out to me last time I visited there this week. She mentioned it looked like I had been wearing a hat that left the mark except I hadn't been wearing a hat. Just another breakout that quickly vanished.

Anyway... it's gotten to the point where I'm worried. I'll make an appointment with the dermatologist as soon as possible, but I'm hoping to get some info here in the meantime before I go crazy with frustation. I worry now that I'll breakout at work our out which would be a bit embarrasing.

Briefly.. here's what has happend in the just the past 3 hours or so. The large red spot on my nose and face appeared and disappeared. My hand at the base of my thumb became red, got one of the above mentioned scratch marks, but this time white and raised, my thumb got a bit of a breakout. 20 minutes later, it looked pretty much back to normal. My stomach broke out pretty badly... I watched it as it got redder and I watched tiny bumps pop up on my stomach and it looked like I imagine an allergic reaction might look. Now, 30 minutes later, all redness is gone, the stomach is back to normal. All this just in the past 3 hours!

Does this sound like an allergic reaction? I haven't done anything differently... same soap, same detergent, no new vitamins or drugs. And I've not be too stressed either, which I think can also cause hives.

Can anybody give me an educated guess what all this might be?

Safe to say, it's freaking me out.

EDIT: The key point here is that the breakouts go away so quickly! I think maybe this is the key to diagnosing this? What would come and go so quickly??

UPDATE: Since I originally wrote this I slept for a solid 10 hours with little interruptions and as far as I know have had only minimal breakouts.

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