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My ENT....
Jan 19, 2006
This is a long story but I'll try to make it as short as possible...

After complaining to my ENT of fluid in my ears ( which he had me do a hearing test and ear pressure test to confirm ) and of chronic sinus infections now for over two years, he reluctantly placed tubes in one of my ears back in October.

I went back to him yesterday, complaining again of chronic sinus infections and congestion for at least 6 months straight now with horrible post nasal drip, and a chronically swollen lymph node on my right side under my jaw. Also, I told him I had been having alot of bad earaches, and have developed a sound sensitivity. He ignores this, checks my ear, and discovers my tube has "slipped" out of place. Without any warning, he proceeds to remove the tube - which was VERY painful. Apparently it was wedged between my ear canal and my ear drum.

So then he proceeds to say have a good day... and send me on my way. I had to stop him and ask again about my congestion, etc. he says oh, heres a prescription for a steroid nasal spray, the cilia are paralyzed - if you have any more porblems with your EARS come back and see me. Then goes on his merry way.

I'm left now wondering what to do. I don't really think I should fill the prescription, as I don't really think it is going to help. My GP has given me prescription decongestants that did NOT help at all, and was the whole reason he sent me to the ENT. I'm thinking I should just start all over and get referred to a different ENT. Thing is, I'm discovering that all docs are the same, get the patient in and out, so they can get paid, but they DON'T listen. I'm very frustrated at this point and VERY miserable. And here, where I am from, it takes months and months to get an appointment... I don't think I want to wait that long. But making another appt with that ENT just seems pointless...

Anyone have any similar experiences, or ideas?
Re: My ENT....
Jan 20, 2006
Thank you for the replies... I think I may seek another ENT... I'm just venting I guess, cause this has been so frustrating, it took me over 6 months to get to this guy... and then was basically, I feel, shrugged off.

Icky Metal - I'm right there with you lol. I don't think I have CFS, but it was a consideration at one point. I have tested positive for few allergies, mainly cats and cigarettes, which - all things considering - should not make me as miserable as I am. Have you had your thyroid tested? Thats my next move. I have been experiencing alot of symptoms that point towards hypothyroidism. As for all of this, I just wish he would have checked my sinuses. Maybe sinusitis is my problem... because I do have CONSTANT sinus infections. Then again, I have TMJ... which in some cases can cause similar symptoms. ( ie: sinus headaches, hissing/buzzing/ringing/roaring sounds in ears, diminshed hearing, ear pain with no infection present, clogged/stuffy/full feeling ears, feeling of "foreign" object in throat - to name a few - check out [url][/url]. Although all that still would not cause all the extra fluid and mucuos... I'm at a loss... lol... I'll figure it out someday. I'm starting to really feel like a hypochondriac lol... no one I know really understands what I'm experiencing, including the doctors apparently lol.

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