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Hi Laurie - nice name (mine is spelled the same way) :)

Yes, I have this also. It started when I was about 14 (I'm 30 now). I would get hives on any part of my body that was exposed (face, etc.) first. Then the parts that were covered, if I was out in the cold longer. The length of time I was exposed to the cold, and degree of cold (including the wind chill factor) would determine how severe the hives were. If I was not out too long, I would not break out, either. Usually, the hives get a little worse after going inside, and then they go away. I wore a uniform to school, which meant wearing a skirt, and at times, the hives on my legs would be so bad, they'd all blend together to form one huge hive. It was very itchy, just like mosquito bites, and uncomfortable (slightly painful) for my fingers and toes, but it was never anything that caused breathing problems, or any other major issues to be concerned with. I also had the same issues with cold swimming pools, etc. I heard that you can grow out of it, just like any allergy, but I think I still have it, at least to some degree (I live in Florida now :) , so I'm not in the cold too often, anymore. I haven't had hives in a while, but there have been times where I've felt it starting (a little itchy, and my little toe swollen). The best advice I can give is for your son to wear as much clothing as comfortably possible, if he's going to be out long, but don't worry about it - it's not like food allergies, and doesn't mean he'll get any food allergies (I don't have any). The doctor had told me that the only potential for a severe reaction would be if I fell into an ice pond, or something like that. I never took medication or anything for it, and I still did everything I wanted to do - skiing, etc. It was just an inconvenience.

Hope that helps!

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