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I found the opposite to be true. For almost three years, my allergist kept telling me it was just allergies. He almost acted like he didn't believe I was still having problems. I went to an ENT who said I needed a turbinectomy and a septoplasty. It was the best thing I ever did. I don't even have to use my nasal sprays any longer.[/QUOTE]

What were your nasal problems? How did he determine u had allergies? (allergy shot testing?)

If not,

Do you think the surgery helping with your stuffiness which improved your breathing?

I have confirmed allergies by allergy shot testing but never ever had all of this sinus trouble until may 2004. I actually started a bcp a month prior to that. I never actually linked my worsening allergies to the pill until one day I was looking at old pics (dated) and kept saying gosh i cant rem having all of these sinus problems back then. But the summer I started the pill I felt I was going crazy with PND and dhe problems continued. Then the following march 2005 i had the worst sinus infection which led me to getting surgery, and still no relief. This winter it has gotten much worse too. So I think it's the pill, others prob disagree but I have never been so congested in my life (ive even invested in a hepa filter, dust mite proof bedding, and do sinus floodings). The only way to see is to try getting off for a few months. I also read on ortho tri cyclen that one of the side effects is allergic rhinitis hmmmm! sorry had to vent here, just been very frustrated!

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