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Anyone have an understanding as to what causes brain fog attributed to allergies? I've been struggling off and on with concentration issues and memory problems for a couple of years. I've always attributed it to allergies, noting that others with allergies have similar issues. I'm currently seeing a neurologist and he can't tell me what's causing it. If it's caused by allergies that's fine, I just want to know.
Are you on medications for the allergies? Many antihistimines can cause this.

I tried researching this on the internet by doing a search by "allergies" + "brain fog" and found the following website... It mainly talks about fibromyalgia & Cronic fatigue patients but it does have some things that I think could be valid. I have never seen this website before so I do not know how valid it is.
One of the things it says that I find interesting is "Dr. Goldberg: What is causing the basal-constriction in the cerebral arteries? With a cold you will feel spacey, foggy, tired, yet a cold is a virus that doesn't go to the brain. While fighting the virus, the immune system releases cytokines and neuropolypeptides that shutdown blood flow. This has come out of good conferences in Europe attended by 10 or 11 laureates in the room and is now a well accepted physiologic explanation. This is a normal process our bodies go through when we have a cold. With CFS, our bodies are doing this all the time inappropriately.

Excerpted from a lecture by Dr. Michael Goldberg, MD at the 6/1/97 CFIDS Conference
" This is simply my observation and not warranted by any doctor that I know of etc. but I would think if fighting a cold shut down blood flow & would think the constant fighting of allergies would do the same. I also gather that the shutdown of blood flow also is what gives the brain the delayed response feeling.

just some thoughts from some interet sources I found. Hope this opens the door to some of the answers you are looking for.
Very interesting. And it makes sense. Seems then that allery shots, if they work, should alleviate brain fog by ultimately eliminating the body's response to allergies.
Icky Metal -

On 2/17/06, I reposted an older string with numerous comments about brain fog, and similar issues. It's called "Persistent congestion, dizziness & Brain Fog blows". Perhaps you can find something useful in there.

I deal with that dreaded foggy feeling whenever my allergies are in full swing, which seems daily at times, or when my sinuses are protesting.

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