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Re: Rash/hives
Jan 13, 2005
this is my first time posting. i'm still a little confused about how it all works, but here i go. i've had chronic hives for about 8 years now(wow-has it been that long?) i went to an allergist once-never did any tests. no known allergies, no common threads, no new detergent, nothing. and i get them for different reasons. i was told to go to boston for testing, but i'm convinced i'm just afreak. i believe i have angiodema, physical urticaria(cold induced) and pressure urticaria. i get different hives in different places at different times. the last time i had them on my eyes or lips was probably about july 2004. i usually constantly get them in the winter-from my own cold hands. and the pressure ones i usually wake up with. i have a tendency to sleep with my arm under my pillow. i'll wake up with hives on my forearms and wrists-mostly my whole inner wrist will swell up so much that you can't see my veins or tendons(you usually can-i'm very petite and thin) seems like they appear on my veins. anyone else notice this? the cold ones drive me nuts-i hate the winter! since i'm small, i get cold very easy-especially my hands. well, if i have an itch on my face(not a hive) i will almost certainly get one one if i touch it with my cold hands. the allergist i seen (probably about 6-7 years ago) thought it was very strange-the whole ice cube thing. most people will develop a hive if they place an icecube on themselves in the exact shape of an ice cube-i don't believe that's me. i almost always get them in the shower-not even from touching myself. i'll just randomly get them in spots-my legs, hips, chest, back,etc. the ones i get on my face are bad-my lips will get three times their size and my eyes will swell up like a huge bug bite. i haven't had those ones for a while though(since summer) i take benadryl around the clock. if i miss a dose after 4 hrs in the winter, i will almost definately get hives. i haven't found anything else that works. i was put on zyrtec before(6-7 years ago) my doctor will not give me a prescription-they tell me to got to the allergist. why bother going through all that to find out nothing? i'm going to start a journal and i took pictures of myself in june when my lip and eyes swelled up last(separate occassions-but within days of each other) it's not an environment factor-will get them at any place-work,home,school,outside,anywhere. once my whole face was covered-couldn't take and went to the hospital. BEST SERVICE I EVER GOT! they tought i was allergic to a bee or something and rushed me right in for a shot of epinephrine. i was covered-even the bottoms of my feet(which i didn't even touch-usually the more i touch myself,the more i get.)well, any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who gets them for no known reason. wish i could get long-lasting benadryl-very hard to remember to take it every 4 hrs.(plus, i can't take while i'm sleeping, so i'm almost certain to wake up with them)

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