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Re: Rash/hives
Feb 22, 2005
Hi everyone I am soooo.... excited that I found these boards last night. I have been dealing with hives for about 9 months now and my allergist keeps informing me that there are lots of people that have what I have and he treats them everyday but I have never run into anyone online or in person. Finding these boards has given me new hope and I am so glad that I can now tell my husband that i am not the only defected person in this world!!!

So here's my story...
On the night of June 9, 2004 I was watching TV with my husband in the basement and I noticed what I thought were a couple bug bites on my arms. So off to bed I go and I woke up with a welt line on my stomach where my shorts were a little tight the day before. After that it started getting worse by the night. I was only breaking out at night. After 3 weeks I called my family doctor and was told that they have never heard of such a thing and to call back if I have trouble breathing. (HELLO~ It's happening at night and most Dr offices aren't open at night~DUH) So I give it 3 more weeks and finally I couldn't take it anymore so one night I drove myself to the ER. (Mental Note~NEVER go by yourself to the ER) I was one big hive from head to toe. They looked me over and I got the ol' "Did you change your laundry det, shampoo, deoderant, food, toilet paper (just kidding)." No, no, no, no, and no I didn't. So they decided that I needed a shot of epinephrine. So while the nurse is injecting me I am asking her what kind of side effects I would experience with this medicine. While she is explaining that my heart may start to race a little fast, I start to feel my heart jumping out of my chest and I flopped over on the bed and my arms went numb from my elbows all the way to my finger tips. So I was admitted to the hospital for having an adverse reaction to epinephrine. The Dr told me my fingers and lips turned blue and he would compare what happened to a heart attack!! At the age of 25??? So after I spend all day testing for my heart mind you not for hives which is the reason I came in I am told that the nurse in the ER administered the Epi into my IV accidentally instead of sub-q and it sent the epi straight to my heart itstead of slowly releasing into the blood stream. Her excuse for this was that we were talking. But I was asking her what the side effects were going to be?hmmm... anyway all is well with my ticker and they were nice enough to go through the trouble of having an allergist come to see my in my hospital bed where I stayed for 2 days. So over the next few months the allergist does his tests and tells me that I had some sort of bacteria in my body that had no cell walls. The bacteria is no longer in my body but this is the reaction my body is having from it. I was also told in the hospital that it is auto immune and something about just having a baby and hormones. They talk so far over my head that all I understood at my last appointment was that I may be the worst case my allergist has ever seen and I mightr fall in the 2% category where I have this for the rest of my life. I don't even know what it is that I have. I have been on most of the different medicines mentioned here but not much is working so for about 3 months I have been on Prednisone along with Zantac and Zyrtec. I can't stand being on Prednisone I have gained so much weight on it and I am so moody and depressed. I get hives from heat, pressure, and just no good reason at all. For a while I would break out not in hives but a red itchy rash from just spending too much time in my basement, sitting on my couch, watching TV. I have a neighbor who is a phamacist and he suggested that since the hives started about a week after I stopped nursing my baby that it may be a hormone imbalance so I started taking birth control again and the rash from the basement is now non-existant but the hives still are. I also have angioedema but only get it if i take asprin like advil. Sorry for being all over the place jumping from subject to subject but like I said I am so excited to have found you guys and am no longer the only actress in the Itchy and Scratchy show as my friends tend to refer to me as. I am sure I will have plenty of questions but I will save them for later. Sorry this post turned out to be so winded I really tried to keep it short. Talk to you soon.

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