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I am wondering about the swelling my husband had with his episode on Saturday night. From what I have read, when a person has an allergic reaction there are different things that happen such as swollen lips, hives, swollen eyes. With my husband, he had none of that, but what he did have was his throat went into spasm and his neck glands started to swell and got to the point where he looked like he had a severe case of the mumps. In fact his neck was so huge that it made his head look small.
The only other time I have seen something like this happen to him was a few years ago he got bitten by a brown recluse spider and a couple of days later his neck was quite swollen on the right side almost as much as this time. He did tell me he had a bite of some sort on his arm a couple of weeks ago but it just got a little red and itchy, not infected looking like the spider bite.
Any thoughts?

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