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Hi there,

I have had a miserable season with allergies, as well as year round ones, and my Nasalcrom pooped out and I could not tolerate Flonase or over the counter items.

So, I stopped by the "Intergrated Medicine" part of my local hospital to ask what natural remedy that I could try. The nurse said the #1 product is Quercetin w\Brometain as an anti-inflammatory and natural anti-histamine. She also said that for immediate relief, I should also use "Stingle Nettle" capsules.

I have been taking (3 Pills Daily) the Quercetin w\Brometain for just over a week now, and I am seeing\feeling some relief. I can now see up my nostril again and they are not as dry and crusty as before and also have less post-nasal drip. I took the "Stinging Nettle" for 5 days and stopped today because I think that it was dehydrating me, and I read about such on the web that if it's used chronically, it could be the same as taking a diuric (water pill).

Has anyone else tried these natural products.

I bought my supplements at a health food store and the girl there told me to take 2 tablets every 30 minutes until I got relief. My instructions on the bottle say 2 tablets three times a day. I have to take more than that. I take about 3 3 x a day. But my allergies are pretty bad. I also have asthma, and that it really acting up today with all the tree pollen around. I am trying to stay indoors. But I would say they start working fairly quick, but to get the most improvement, take them long term.

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