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[QUOTE=ls00722]I've been feeling shortness of breath for over 5 month, it didn't bother me much before, I thought i smoke too much (1/2 pack per day). So I quit smoking about 7 weeks ago. Because of the breathing problem, I did full set of cardio workup(echo, EKG, nuclear stress test). All of them turned out to be normal. I also did PFT, it's within normal limit. But Doc still suspect i have asthma, his logic is that he doesn't know what is my normal limit.

Anyway, what scared me most is in recent 10 days, I've been feeling EXTREMLY tired!, couldn't even get out of bed sometimes, and my heart rate went to over 100 by just walking from parking lot into doctor's office. Of course the shortness of breath problem still persist. I have some non-classic allergy symptom (I haven't seen allergist yet). Including congested nose, which has been lasting for months, dry mouth, this week I've been feeling fever, but with normal body temperature, itchy throat.
I wonder if anybody with allergy has similar symptom with me ? Especially the weakness and heart palpitation and shortness of breath. I am 33 , male, never had alergy before, I've been living in U.S. (D.C area)for 6 years.

Please help, I am nearly collapsed, since no doctor tell me what it is. I feel I am dying.[/QUOTE]

This is similar to what is happening to me. Months ago I started to have heart palpitations, for instance if I spoke and forgot to breath, and generally when I was "concentrating or been anxious about somthing etc." also I get quick heart beat if I do something sudden or generally activity puts my heart to race. I also feel as if I'm suffocating... I do get air when I breath in but not feeling "satisfactory", strange as sometimes this goes away completely. I have no wheezing in the lungs etc. I get short of breath if climbing stairs etc and if I continue to push it, I would get palpitations. I also get palpitations if I sit down quickly or changing from activity to sudden rest, sometimes they are mild and feels as the heart beating hard and regulating itself to slow beats since I'm laying down etc.

Speaking of sinuses, if I lay down and turn towards my right side, my nose/face feels congested and cant say I breath easily through the nose, now if I turn on my left side slowly I feel the congestion gone until it feels perfect, can breathe through both nostrils etc.

I also get random headaches from weird to normal, I tend to press on the side of my face for relief or squeeze the bridge of my nose (weird huh? LOL). I also feel heaviness in the roof of my mouth and sometimes through all the root of my teeth.

Lately I've been coughing some clear mucus/plegm etc and usually in the morning when I wake up.

Perhaps not related, I also have daily pain in my back behind the stomach left side, and it seems to get iritated when on full stomach. Also I suffocate more if I have a full stomach. Full stomach = suffocation, hard breath and a feeling of not enough air etc. (someone suggested diaphram problem)

Did abdominal ct = was negative some (mild diverticulosis was observed).
Did Blood tests all ok except liver ALT is always high into 85 vs (24 etc normal) no one knows why, was presented with a liver biopsy and refused.
Did a head CT scan not sinus related just general though I was gonna have a stroke (got paranoid from the weird headaches and pressure in the roof of the mouth etc) that was negative also.

I'm 31 years old, I have hypertenstion, when high 154/92 and when on meds 135/78-80 only when I'm almost tired to death I get 124/75. Taking 10mg Enapril for BP. (2 years in)
No other meds. I do take a multivitamin daily and a 300mg magnezium pill daily. I'm an anxious person and have 0 tolerance to stress. (run away from all problems)

I'm 6.1 220lbs not fat looking, I walk few times a week 4 miles, used to do gym every day, got lazy lately ;-)) I dont look out of shape or sick etc, just very sedentary.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wrote pretty much everything. While I dont expect a diagnostic, I'd like to hear other's opinions and suggestions.

Anything is welcome.

Thanks and hope we get better...

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