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Allergic reactions?
May 30, 2006
First a short background information.
4-5 years ago one summer day my hands started to swell up, like white itchy spots all over my hands, which when I scratched on just got worse and moved down to my legs etc.
This lasted a few weeks, got some prescription pills and it dissapeard, never returned. The doctors just assumed it was food allergy, though I have been eating all that food again without getting such reaction...

Now 5 months ago, I woke up one morning to find my eyelids swollen up, specially my left under eyelid. Not red, not itchy at all.
I thought it would dissapear during the day, but no, the swelling did never dissapear completely, at the end of the day it was a little bit less swollen but then when I woke up the next day it would be just as swollen again.
Now it's just as bad on my right eye too.
Been like that 24/7 for 5 months, but never got itchy or red.

Other symptoms: sometimes it's very itchy inside my mouth, specially in the back of the throat in the "roof" of the mouth.(sorry bad english)
Sometimes I sneeze like 5 times in a row and my eyes become very wattery, this dissapears.
I've had sinitus problems before, but I don't think their infected, but my nose is often stuffed...

I'm so tired of looking tired ALL THE TIME because of the swelling of my eyes.
ANYONE know what this is and what's the cure?


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