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A Primary Symptom for Some
Only a small percentage who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities experience headaches as their primary symptom. But there are those, like myself, who do.
Allergic headaches are usually attributed to certain foods, but are also triggered by airborne substances such as pollens, mold spores, or chemical fragrances.

The sinuses and nasal passages become irritated by both food allergens and inhalant allergens. Although all headaches triggered by these substances may not be considered true allergic headaches, they are, however, headaches that happen to be triggered by these substances.

Sinus headaches are the result of when the ducts connecting the sinuses become swollen. Pressure is then caused in the membrane lining of the nasal passages. These types of headaches can be painful over, behind and under the eyes, extending into the cheeks and upper jaw bone.

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