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Dry eyes and allergy eyes are two different things. I had both. Patanol is for allergy eyes which usually can be redness, itchy, watery. My eye dr. said to use it 2X/day for 2 weeks, if it if seems better.

Now, when I had dry eyes, my eyes were bloodshot red. It got back to normal eventually but went through a lot before I got better. Was sensitive to light, eyes were not watery or itchy, just felt horrible because I was going thru hormonal fluctuations (menopause) at the same time. If it's dry eyes you have, you might first try using over-the-counter eye drops that are preservative free (a must!) - the ones in the vials are the best. At first, I was bad so I had to use it every hour! The eye specialist also later put me on Restasis (prescription eye drop for dry eyes).

Hope this helps! If it's dry eyes you have, don't let it go untreated too can affect your vision.


[QUOTE=dee1610;3633161]I am from Windsor Ontario.My doctor gave me some Patanol and it worked for about 5 days then the humid weather returned and now the eyes are dry again.I don't get the itching or the watery eyes but my sinus membranes become inflamed.My eye lids sting also.[/QUOTE]

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