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Re: Too worried?
Aug 28, 2006
Hi, Can sympathise with you, for 10 yrs. I had the same puffy, swollen left arm and breast. It would last for around 6 months and then go away for a few months but always return. I never met anyone else who had it. I used to worry, thinking it might be something serious. Asked a naturopath once and she said it was due to not draining and to stop using anti perspirant. I did that but it didn't make any difference.

After many years of low level digestive problems, I developed a lot of other worrying symptoms about 5 yrs. ago. Dr.agreed with me that they were probably side effects of bp meds/stress symptoms. Was tired, dizzy, had rashes, ulcers, headaches, anxiety, confusion, hypersensitivity to light, sound, especially smells in addition to this swelling on the left hand side. I think it's called odoema. When I had it, I felt slightly sick as it pulsed and it caused a nasty sensation like gripping in the left armpit and uncomfortable arm.

One day I had violent stomach problems within a minute of eating toast and marmite (delicious yeast extract spread we have in UK, I used to live on it) and I decided to knock out yeast which was in both toast and the marmite. I'd always noticed that after toast I would have a peculiar sensation in sides of the mouth which made me want some more, so was always a toast fest going on. If I felt particularly grim, toast and marmite was the only food I had felt like eating.

After I stopped having yeast for a couple of weeks, I'd knocked out msg at same time just for good measure, I felt so sharp and well. That's when the left hand side swelling went down and never came back. In ten weeks I lost 20 odd pounds. This was nearly two years ago. I blamed the swelling on yeast. When you think yeast bubbles away and increases bulk in bread I think it did the same for me. All the other symptoms either disappeared or diminished dramatically.

There's hidden yeast in a lot of products, tinned meals, soups and meat, biscuits, cakes. Endless list. If manufacturers don't use msg for flavour enhancing, they seem to use yeast.

Might be worth a try for a couple of weeks! As you've had tests, you start with the advantage of knowing which foods to exclude. My daughter in law is near your age and has similar problems so not just oldies who suffer.

Hope you get on top of your health issues,


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