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Hayfever and ETD
Aug 22, 2006
Hi everyone,
I have spent the last month with 4 different doctors as they thought they were treating a sinus infection for me. I was on 3 different antibiotics and finally got a CT sinus scan that was all clear. I saw a new doc last week who told me my ears are completely clogged (eustachian tube dysfunction) and he said I defintely have rhinitis probably to ragweed. I have intense pressure under my eyes and get trigger headaches when the pressure feeling gets bad. My head CT was also normal. I had similar symptoms last year until the weather cooled off, from about the end of July to mid Sept (I am in Colorado). My ears are stuffed and the sinus pressure is there even though my sinuses are clear. Does anyone else get facial pressure and headaches that go along with the allergy. My nose really doesn't run but I am majorly stuffed up. I started Flonase three weeks ago and take tylenol and benadryl, I am miserable...can anyone relate??? I have a severe allergy to almonds,sulfa meds and cepholosporin antibitoics but haven't seen an allergist to test beyond this but get to see one in a week. The headches are apparently muscular or migraine and I get pressure in my right arm when the face and ear pressure intensifies.

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