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Hello! I'm so frustrated right now, so excuse if I just rant! :mad:

A little history: I have SEVERE allergies. I feel sick every single day, with the usual sore throat, post nasal drip, headache, itchy eyes, etc., etc. You name it, I have it. In fact, about every 4-5 weeks, my normal allergy medications just can't do the trick, and I end up on a 40 day course of antibiotics for sinus infections. This happens so often that I've become immune to every one of them, and now my sinus infections often spread into my ears and eyes (so I'm left with a sinus infection, ear infection, and conjunctivitis). For allergies, I'm on Allegra-D and Benadryl daily. I also have asthma and pretty severe eczema (I was told that all these things tend to go hand-in-hand with each other). When I eat or touch any kind of fruit or shellfish, my lips and tongue get all swollen and itchy, and sometimes I get hives/eczema on my arms.

Now, [I]MY QUESTION[/I]: I also have allergies to medications. So far, I've had reactions to Cefzil (hives), Aleve (chest pain/shortness of breath), Singulair (tingling of arms and legs), and all Codeine medications (chest pain/shortness of breath). My doctor prescribed Prevacid for acid reflux, and I got a feeling like it was hard to swallow, I was short of breath, and my lips and the inside of my mouth were all tingly. I also had the sensation like I had to constantly try to clear my throat and cough. The last symptom is kind of hard to describe, but it's kind of like when a straw has a hole in it, and you try to take a sip of your drink from it, but very little of the drink actually gets up the straw. I feel like that when I breathe-like I'm not getting enough air into my lungs. I only took it twice, and this happened both times. When I told my doctor, she got all irritated and said that I had a panic attack and hyperventilated. WHAT?!?! I'd think I'd know if I hyperventilated, no? And I've never had a panic attack, so I was a little baffled at this comment from her. :rolleyes:

So I need an opinion from someone who may actually listen to me, and not just disregard what my symptoms are (like my doctor did). Does this sound like an allergic reaction to the medication??? THANK YOU SO MUCH if you can help me with this!!! :wave:

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