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I have seasonal allergies but they aren't bad. Every spring/fall I usually just get alot of post nasal drip, some weeks ill get the bad eye itch, sneezing and runny nose. But - I always seem to get a sore throat that lasts for like 4 -6 weeks or itll lead into a sinus infection around this time.

Just recently I had the sore throat again, my glands right under my jaw were sore for about 4 or 5 weeks, hurt when I swallowed. Recently I've discovered red bumps on the back of my throat (behind the uvula on the back wall part) and I believe at the base of by tounge too. I went to an ENT and he said it was normal, it happens when the tissue is disturbed or something.

Since then (2 - 3 weeks ago now) the sore throat has gone away pretty much. Whats bothering me is - I still have these bumps every now and then (they get larger and sometimes go totally away) and just recently (5 days ago) something under the right side of my jaw has enlarged and I can feel it whenever I swallow like there is something stuck there. If I put my hand where my submandibular gland should be, it feels like there is a hard bump there. I keep freaking myself out with cancer but I'm sure its very unlikely as I'm only 19, I don't smoke, do not drink very often, not overweight at all, and fairly healthy. My family also doesn't have a lot of history with cancer. I read about salivary gland stones.. could this be a possibility?

I SING, and I take it very seriously. This gets REALLLLY annoying - has anyone had any of these symptoms... something they can tell me?!

you don't know how much I'd appreciate it.

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