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Update: Since my last update, I did the h202 flooding once more because my nose started to discharge white colored fluid. My sinuses have been amazingly clear throughout. I'm able to breathe easily, and I am not used to this feeling. It's nice to be able to breathe clearly, even when I'm asleep. I notice my nighttime sleeps have improved, and when I wake up, I no longer suffer clogged nose or swollen throat from breathing through my mouth all night.

Some concerns:

I feel a little stinging and dryness in my eyes. Flooding the nasal passages and sinuses theoretically kills all the bacteria, molds, fungi but could it possibly damage healthy membranes, glands or nerves? The eye and it's associated glands and nerves are nearby. I do not know the internal structures very well so I do not know how sinus flooding with H202 would affect the eyes, ears, or other healthy membranes inside this area.

Before I had done this flooding, I had experienced problems with focusing my eyes. I went to the doctors but nobody could explain it. The Anti-Biotics helped with the vision, and so far, H202 flooding hasn't worsened my vision. just a little dryness/stinging sometimes.

I wholeheartedly believe Sinusitis can be healed using this method because H202 has been proven to kill bacteria. Any germs that are in the nasal passages, and infected sinuses are killed, healing sinusitis. The problem is, with flooding, it is not possible to control or limit the areas H202 comes into contact with. It may harm healthy membranes and may be hazardous to the eyes, ears, or perhaps the brain.

Nevertheless, for a long-term sinusitis sufferer, this treatment has been like a miracle, and I do not discount it at all. All of my fears and concerns are just that, and not proven. Anti-biotics are limited in their ability to heal sinusitis because it can't reached the infected sinuses because there are no blood vessels in that area. Any such treatment with Anti-Biotics is temporary. Once the anti-biotics is stopped, the infection continues and the symptoms return. The nasal passages become swollen, and sinuses are blocked, and easily infected. Misery ensues.

One possible alternative that I may try in the future:

clearly, the flooding method works but H202 may be too potent. What if we substitute H202 with something less potent? such as Vinegar. I've read that Vinegar also kills molds, germs, bacteria. It could be that using a combination of Vinegar, salt, baking soda, and Xylitol may be a good mixture to safely kill bacteria, and germs in our sinuses.

For now however, I do not see a return of sinusitis symptoms. My Nose is very clear, and feels great. I am very happy with this discovery.

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