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first of all i want to thank you all and this board cause i have sufferd from allergys for along time but never new that they could make u so tired-dizzy bad dizzy so i thank you for all yalls help i have another ? has anyone evr hurt with the movement of there hair and hurt to touch the scalp like you have had your hair up in a pony tail. this happens when i have allertgy or sinus attacks it scares me my doc just said he never heard of it then one er doc said it could happen im just so scared and confused i dont know much about symtoms of allerys always thought u just had itching water eyes and snezzing but the last 2 yrs things like dizzyness and really really tired like i dont want to do nothing at all just lay still and sleep cause if i sleep im not dizzy or scared then i have alot of presure around my sinus areas like a vise grip and my face swells in the mornings when i get up in goes down after about 2hrs i can go soak myy head in hot water it will ease the ppain for sometime days so if anyone can help me plz do i love you all for all your help i thank God for people like yall.i also have bad anxity attacks so when all this happens then oh my im get so scared help plz any help and when i go to the doc i always have fluid he says in my ears why is that. i feel stoped up but i can breath threw my nose just fine but daily for 3wks now it drains down my throat and iam coughing up crap but its clear stuff oh plz help me iam i bought an over the counter med called drixoral im not sure about it the pharmasist said it was the best so im not sure.:dizzy:

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