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From everything that I know..from the ent's and the other doctor..It could clear up as fast as it came,and probably will.I lost so much weight so fast that it caused it to shift really quickly and also I have had tmj for years and knew it but didn't realized it also is a culprit in this noise and pain thing.I had ask two different ents before I even knew for sure that what it was and they said no its not going to hurt you..Its annoying but then what can you do.? If I were you ..and you haven't been to a doctor,I would just go to have it checked out.The Eustacian tube can stay closed or opened and cause this.. also ear wax and fluid build up can cause it and minor things.I wouldn't worry about it too much .I have had it off and on for over a year and then it started 24/7.I Just wouldn't give it too much thought if you aren't suffering headaches,dizziness,or bad pain with it.Although I want to make myself clear,if you are worried about it and there are other things involved I would go have it checked out,at least by a gp.I had my gp check it out first then she referred me to two specilist to give me a complete work up but my gp told me orginally that it was nothing and that it would more than likely subside when I learned to handle the stress and also the fact that I had tmj contributed to it the most.I have had regular tinnitus for about 20 years..Thats where you hear constant squealling and weird noises in your ears.At first it scared me and I thought it was my blood pressure but found out quickly that I had it with normal blood pressure.I thought at first I was going to lose my mind and finally my brain learned to ignore it.Like your eyes learn to ignore your nose.But actually If I stop and listen to it i can hear it too.I have had some bad allergies,sinus and worst ear aches in the world all my life from growing up in a place full of pollens and pollutants...So thats why I was the first to say it must be allergies ,or sinus or ears ..thus going to the ent..but He said everything was fine and no worries.He said that the combination of things mentioned were enough to cause it..Also he said its like a drippy faucet late at night.If you were to concentrate on the sound you would go nuts,but if you ignore usually disappears from your hearing.The reason he knew so much about the sound of the pulse in my ears is that he has had it for over 10 years..Same as mine..Sudden loss of weight.. and tmj,but he had treatment for the tmj but the damage was already done, but said that after awhile you just don't hear it anymore unless you are in a really quiet place or that you listen for it..The brain tunes it out..Also he is one of the few people that did extensive studies on PT because of the fact that he had it..But to tell you the truth I really don't think that its anything dangerous and remember that 17 percent of the world has it..Just because people don't tell you ,doesn't mean they don't hear it.. If you don't believe me..check PT sites..even they will say that 7 percent never find out what it is..and most of the time its like tinnitus.. harmless but annoying..Im the most paranoid person in the world and if I can handle can too.I also read ..even though there are cases of serious issues that its a symptom of its usually very very slim and these are elderly people in their 80's ..Im in my fifties so you can imagine how I felt ..I was still worried...But anyway .Hope that something I have said here helps...Think about it too...If you are anxious about anything or stressed to the max really can cause it too.I know that to be true..The mind works really weird..If you are in fact stressed..Find a site online that tells you how to meditate and do breathing exercises..I am really high strung since I am a Katrina you can imagine..But these things help me..they don't have to be buddist or anything like that just meditation breathing exercises..There are a thousand online that are free that tell you how to do it..Hope something I said here helps you .....

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