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I reacted to bactrim and am doing a 6 day decreasing series of steroids, while taking claritin. after the first days steroid doses (6 pills) I was much improved. But the afternoon of the second day, (5 pill day) I started getting more redness again, and more severe itch. I have been off the antibiotic for 4 days. I am taking claritin because I had it here, and I could try the bendryl creme with it.

I went from a general redness/blotchiness over half my body, to less redness, but more hive-like welts the last 2 1/2 days.

the problem is, the desire and need to itch is INCREASING as the affected area is decreasing.

the worse initial sympthoms were my lips were swollen, my face, neck, torso and inner thighs were almost totally brick red, and my palms and the tops of my feet were HORRIBLY itching.

now it is the tops of my feet, and pink blotchy areas on arms, torso, and back of my knees that are horribly itchy. (I am so thankful the the sensation of wanting to peel my palms off to stop the itching has stopped!!!) fewer areas are involved, but the welts are more itchy that the larger areas were.

caladril lotion, no help, benedryl cream no help, only thing helping is soaking in tub, with oatmeal or baking soda, or putting on benonite clay paste and letting it dry on my skin.

what I am looking for here, is if someone has had a similar "moderate" antibiotic allergic reaction, and had similar setbacks in their recovery?
I feel like, after 4 days off the antibiotic, surely some of it is leaving my body, so why am I more itchy than when this mess started?

I have a high pain tolerance, but apparently a low "itch tolerance"! I fell asleep for an hour in the bath tub this morning while soaking, so I am a little reluctant to go back into the tub right now, although it was the most relief I have had since the middle of last night....

ok, I am done "Whining". I am sure I will recover, but I hope it speeds up a bit.....


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