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Hi llefko,

Cheese is almost pure casein. If you cook cheese, the fat will ooze out, but what's left is very high in casein. There are a couple of casein-free alt. cheeses available. IME they LOOK like cheese more than they taste like it. You have to be careful w/faux cheeses -- many are technically dairy-free, but may still contain caseinate, a form of casein.

I've encountered a few folks over the yrs. who have beaten chronic sinusitis by addressing food allergies. Dairy is a very common offender in sinusitis. But you really do need to get out ALL the dairy out if you want your sinuses to improve. And that includes other animal milks like goat or sheep milk. Many canned & boxed convenience meals contain dairy/casein, so, to do a thorough job, you're in for some label-reading.

The most popular soy milks are 8th continent & Silk brands. Soy milk is closest to dairy milk in protein content, opacity, and richness of taste. However, soy is not recommended for people who tend to low thyroid function. Rice milk is a great alternative, but it does tend to come across as thinner & less substantial than dairy milk or soy milk. Nut milks or oat milk may also be great choices for you. It may take a little experimenting, and it will take a day or two for your taste buds to adapt.

Board rules prohibit us from sharing websites or links. However, a public library reference librarian can help you find specific technical information related to casein.

A wonderful resource for learning how to adapt to dairy-free living is the book,
[B]The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook: Delicious Dairy-Free Cheeses and Classic "Uncheese" Dishes [/B]by Jo Stepaniak, or any other book by the same author.

Best wishes.

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