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[QUOTE=CheerAngel;2852934]Actually, I had my surgery nearly 2.5 years ago already and I wouldn't go for the surgery again. I don't think they will swell up to the extend like before; even bone was removed with my turbinates. If I were to go and get more removed... I might have dry nose forever.

A few months after my surgery, I still felt like my right side was blocked. The surgeon suggested that I either go back for the GA(general anesthetic) surgery or a LA surgery where they inject your turbinates with local anesthetic(LA) and then inject this probe which will cautherize your turbinates, causing them to shrink. The LA procedure is suppose to be less painful then the old GA procedure. And yes, the 'old' procedure was defenitely painful![/QUOTE]

Well I hope you don't need anymore surgery. I have already been on the waiting list for an operation for my turbinate before but I cancelled it at the last minute, this time I will definitely have it done though. I cancelled it because the ENT specialist said to me that the turbinate would just swell up again after the op because of allergies. He said it might take months or maybe a couple of years to swell up again. But another specialist told me that I should have it done anyway so that's why I'm on the list again. My nose is quite dry as well. Before I had the operation done on my septum my nose was always runny, I used to sound like I had a cold a lot of the time.

I really hope I'm not awake for the operation! I just presumed I wouldn't be.

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