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This is going to sound strange and has been going on for a couple of months.
I get very itchy prickly skin in the bath I am alright for about anywhere from 5-10 minutes and then my skin starts to prickly really bad all over the area my body is in the bath and I have to get out . It used to be longer 15 minutes perhaps.
I am someone who loves a good long soak and used to be able to have a bath for 1/2 an hour or even an hour with no such problems. The itchy feeling is not just a simply itch it is really unpleasant and causes me to get out straight away I can feel it instantly spreading all over my body.
I went to the doctor as we are on tank water and our tank was low he said first get town water delivered to see if somehow our tank was contaminated we did today and the same thing happened.
Next he said try QV bath oil or something similar or antihistimines. I feel rather depressed about the thought of having to medicate myself to have a bath or having to have bath oil that may or may not work.
Could this be a allergy to something else that is reacting to the water the only thing new in my life in the last few months is I have gone onto natural products for my hair and skin and now use shampoo bars, and soap bars and shea butter on my skin. I do not use anything in the bath though.
I love these products and hope it's not that and have not had problems with a itchy scalp or face from the soap bars on my face or the shea butter which I use on my face which makes me think if it was that I would have some sort of reaction.:confused:
Anyone have anything similar or anyother advice on what could be causing this or what to do.?
Thank you for any replies.
Sorry guys I thought I set my options to email notifications so I would know when I got a reply something went wrong obviously.:confused:
Thank you Sannah for your reply something to think on actually I did a skin patch test with some info from the site I got my products first on the shea butters I use no reaction my skin was clear no itchiness , 2 days ago I decided to do 2 patch test on both arms with ACV what I rinse my hair in after I wash with shampoo bars on was plain ACV- Apple cidar Vinegar the other a ACV I had made with herbs after the 24 hours they both looked a bit redish but I thought maybe the bandade after taking them off one especially became really itchy and by the time I went to bed was very red and itchy the other one was itchy and red too not as bad though. The herb one was worse. From that I assume I have a reaction to both the ACV and the ACV with herbs , the herb mix was far worse.
I am going to remove them from my routine.
The other products I will see about in the future.
If the ACV was causing this how long after removing this would I expect to see the problem gone, as I have gone without them a few washes before with no difference.
Sleas sorry I dont know how to search it has been hard for me to search for this as it is.:(

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