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[QUOTE=Skylar_;2959313]Can you tell me the amounts you use of zinc & apple cider pills? Brands? Also, how did you know you had too little stomach acid as opposed to too much? I tried PPIs without any relief. My symtoms are not hearburn, but larynoesoph reflux (lump in throat, sore throat, etc.). Thanks!![/QUOTE]

I take two 10 MG tablets of zinc after my first two meals. I read you shouldn't take more than that. I use nature's plus. I paid a little over $4 for the bottle and there's 90 pills in it. For the apple cider vinegar I use the vitamin shoppe brand. Again I think I paid a little over $4 for the bottle and there's 100 pills in there. I take one pill after my third meal of the day and also if I eat any snacks. Sometimes I have to take 2 pills but usually its just one. There are sooo many brands to choose from.

I used to take prevacid. My doc said I would probably take it for life. I decided to try going natural instead. Besides the prevacid wasn't working that well anyways and I had tried a bunch of other drugs as well. I used to feel horrible. I didn't really get heartburn that much either. My symptoms felt like allergies. I had the lump in the throat and what felt like swelling in my throat. I also had ear pressure and it always felt like I had to blow my nose but nothing was there. Like I said before I tried digestive enzymes and chlorophyll for a while. It did help a lot but not 100%. I continued to take chlorophyll anyways cause my allergy medicine made me have to go to the bathroom at night constantly, and that was the only thing that made it stop. I tried the zinc actually for an entirely different reason and discovered that if I took it after a meal then my GERD symptoms would disappear within a few minutes of taking it. I knew right away that my supplements worked because my symptoms always go away within 10-15 minutes of taking them. I feel better than ever!!!! The only thing that bothers me though is when I have a neck ache. For some reason if my neck/shoulders hurt then I get a acid reflux feeling as well as a sore throat feeling which is really weird.

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