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Poison ivy shot?
May 15, 2007
Okay, so unfortunately with all this beautiful weather, the weeds are growing again...and that means poison ivy for me and my youngest son. My husband and oldest son are not at all allergic to it, but my youngest and I are a different story.

I have gotten poison ivy from the wind blowing it in my direction, from the coat of the dog, and from just being in the general vacinity of it. My son and I pass it back and forth all summer long, and always one of us has it pretty good. I usually get it around my face because my son (who is 6) tends to be in my face more. He tends to get it in really terrible places too, well..because he is 6....and he usually gets it on his bottom or other areas that are just bad.

As I write this, I have some breakouts on my fingers and eyes and it's only a matter of time before my son and I are in full swing fighting the poison ivy.

Calamine is our best friend. I usually have several bottles as back up....we go through it like there is no tomorrow.

And after all question. Every year, at least once, usually twice, we end up in the doc's office with this because at some point it gets out of hand and we need a prescription. Every year I ask for the shot to help get the rash gone away quicker. The prescription never really seems to help. Or it takes so long that it gets worse before it gets better, and IMO what ends up clearing it up is the Calamine.

Is there a reason that a doc would be leary to give a 6 yr. old 45lb child the shot? Especially for him...I would like it to start clearing up as fast as possible.

For some reason the doc's I have seen are all very hesitant to give the shot when we come in because we are not horribly covered in rash. But I know that it's only a matter of tiem, and I am trying to nip it in the bud.

I need some info so that when we are back in the doc office this summer I can either know why they dont want to give the shot, or reasons that they should give it to us.

Thanks for reading my book!:p
[QUOTE=Titchou;2984963]Cortisone shots are problematic. They raise your blood pressure for one thing. It also shuts down your immune system so that other infections are easier to get. This is not something you should be doing as a matter of course. And a bout with poison ivy should only last a few days..if you are breaking the blisters. Do you do that? Or do you try not to? They will dry up faster if you do that.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the's not necessarily something I wish to do on a regular basis...but when my son or I get poision ivy it spreads fast. And breaking the blisters is almost impossible...there are large areas that are affected....and with a small child, breaking the blisters and trying to wash them out would cause some serious problems. And for example, the rash on my eye is tiny little small you cant really make out just one...and it happens to be on the corners of my eyelids...I would prefer to not try to break them. They are very small like sandpaper texture.

Trust me...we have dealt with our fair share of poison ivy, and it by no means does it last only a few days with us. Its a major reaction and spreads over large areas of skin in a short time. Lots of people I know will get a little rash and it will be gone within a week...but its not the same for everyone....I was not exaggerating when I said that i have gotten it from being carried in the wind (sort of like pollen I suppose).

But I will do some more research on the cortisone shot....thank you for giving me some of the side effects. So far the doctor has only been willing to say that she does not 'want' to give the shot. And I was not really aware what specific shot it was.

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