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Can Someone help?
May 18, 2007
First off, I am originally from Texas. I am a 24 year old male. I now live in Pisa, Italy. I am on a waiting list to get an allergy test/screening from my nearest American hospital here. I had seasonal allergies as a teen, but after about my 20th birthday they had all disappeared. Until I moved to Italy. They have such bad pollen, you have no idea. You can actually see clouds of yellow pollen in the air. It is as thick as fog. My allergy symptoms have gone through the roof. I accept the allergy to pollen, but Claritin does nothing for me. I have to take that and benedryl, along with vitamins, to even somewhat keep it in check. This only solves a small part of my problems. I still can only breath through one nostril, barely, and sometimes not even that.

I had septoplasty done about a year and a half ago. I had a severely deviated septum, and a large mass of tissue that engulfed half of my sinuses. When they opened that portion up, I think that might have added more surface area to come in contact with dust, pollen and whatnot. Also that part of my sinuses hasn't been exposed to allergens in years, so it just of all of a sudden had to take on these countless invaders.

Well besides that, and the utmost dying need/want to relieve those problems, I have found that I cannot eat certain foods. They are as follows:
and countless other fruits and vegetables

My symptoms when I eat these foods vary greatly. For instance I can eat peanut butter, but not peanuts plain. My symptoms range from mild throat irritation, to full on wheezing, pain throughout my throat mouth, and a swollen esophagus.

I read I might have oral allergy symptom, but it can be so mild sometimes, and horrible the next.

I think I am also allergic to grass, and my mother told me as a child I was allergic to Penicillin. I have to wear a med alert necklace for the penicillin thing.

I avoid those foods, but to what consequence, my body needs these to be healthy, so I resort to vitamins.

These allergies affect my life so much, that it leads to uncontrollable irritability, and anger. I cant sleep at night because I cant breath. I also have three small dogs and I know that I am allergic to them, but I love them and I deal with that allergy as much as I can. I have an air purifier, and the dogs aren't allowed in my room. Even though my female chihuahua is pregnant and sleeps in there for now so we can watch her. Once again something I am dealing with because of love.

I envy people that don't have allergies, and I wish my life was better. I really need to find out whats going on with my body, and what medications I can take that will work... I am sick and tired of these sugar pills that do nothing to help..I know allergies are a tough cookie to figure out but someone somewhere has to know of something I can take that will fix some of these problems.

Also should I talk again with my primary care doctor? I don't think they understand the severity of this. My allergies can be triggered quickly, and since they are all internal, nobody believes me, especially about it being hard to breath. By the time I go into the doctor, the symptoms have faded.

I am in the military, and we do PT (physical training) in the morning. We used to do it in a gym, and that was fine, but now that good weather is here they do it on a soccer field. I have to warm up on the grass and then run for miles afterwards. I do it because, well I have to, but to what effect, I could fall out and pass out because its hard to breath. I got a note from my doctor saying that I cant come into contact with allergens while I PT, but my bosses just told me not to do push ups on the ground...but I have to do PT on the grass still, like running in place, jumping jacks and so forth. All of which make grass particles flow in the air like clouds. The only alternative they gave me was doing PT on the sidewalk in front of the whole squadron....and since I'm not one to be singled out, I just do it on the grass...Plus I don't know what allergens to avoid, so the note my doctor wrote is up to someones interpretation.

I just want them to go away, anyone who knows or can understand what I am going through, please give me advice. The only season I live happy, is the dead of winter, and then my pet allergy isn't even a problem as I guess since that it is the only thing that could bother me, my immune system fights it off no problem.....please please any advice would be meet with great appreciation.


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