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[QUOTE=spidercomrade;3022581]I have been having the same problems -- fatigue, dizziness. I feel dazed all the time, like I used to feel in the morning when I just woke up. Now that's daily. I get some headaches, it feels like I have sinus pressure and the doctor put me on an antibiotic. I often feel like there is a "heaviness" inside my head, and the headaches often feel like pressure.

Sinus problems, related to allergies? I'm on the antibiotics right now and Flonase nasal spray. I had been taking Claritin-D and Claritin at different times but neither seemed to work. I've had hay fever allergies in the past, and I had Zyrtec and Allegra for them, but these symptoms are different. I'd like to fix them if I could, I haven't felt normal for several weeks now.[/QUOTE]

You said that it "felt" like you had sinus pressure, did they test you in anyway to see what exactly was going on, or did they just slap some meds on ya to meet their pharmacuetical (sp) quota?

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