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[QUOTE=panthers78;3034920]Here is my situation. At the end of April I started to have difficulty swallowing all of a sudden. I went to an ENT-he thought it was acid reflux. I went for a second opinion and they did a number of tests including an endoscopy, CT scan, and a barium swallow. The biopsy from the endoscopy revealed I had eosinphillic cells in my esophagus which could result from an allergic reaction. The one doctor is convinced that it's acid reflux. I still think it's allergies due to the timing (sudden onset right as it started to get warm/sunny). When did the season start this year for PA and was it worse than usual? I couldn't find anything in ******.[/QUOTE]

Do you have any other symptoms to go along with the difficult swallowing?
Do you get heartburn, pain in center of chest, sore throats, voice changes (laryngitis), etc?
How about sinus complaints? Headaches, pressure, dizziness, fatigue, post nasal drip, green mucus, etc.?

The problem I have found with throat complaints is it's always a reflux vs. sinusitits/allergy battle and sometimes it's very difficult to find the exact cause. That's why it's important to specify other symptoms to narrow it down.
Did the swallow test show a reflux? Were there any scarring or erosions found in the endoscopy?


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