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[QUOTE=trip22244;3119840]It sounds like your sinuses may be congested. The congestion may actually be due your allergies, as your allergist has said. You see the sinuses are connected to the ears via the euastachian tube and when the sinus are congested they can create pressure in the head. It is this pressure and cognestion that is probably causing the blocked ears that you have described.

The plane trips also probably aggitated the situation because of the pressure changes. When the ears become affected in some way it, your sense of balance will also be affected. To me it just seems like you have sinus congestion. When you go on a plane trip you should try this little trick: hold your nostrils closed and blow this should equalize the pressure in your ears; if you try it now you can even feel how this works. You can also visit sinuswars for more information on sinus congestion.[/QUOTE]
Hi tirp- I do take sudafed nozs xdopz- Nx [I] xo loa fo clear ears- they just go back to square one. there is no fluid in my ears- and my sinuses are clear on mri- and car. redsands[/I][/I]

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