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[QUOTE=redsands;3121843]thanks - I assume you get this at a health food store??I would dtry anything[/QUOTE]
Yes. Call around first because not all of them carry it. If you get some, I hope it works for you. I went through what you're going through for years and it's miserable. I'd just get a scratchy throat and my ears would plug. I used this to unplug the ears, but I consider myself cured now because I don't have problems anymore. I also drink yarrow tea as soon as I feel any sign of sinus problems and that nips it in the bud right away. For me it acts like an anti-histimine. I also use elderflower tea and linden flower tea sometimes. Used to have sinus infection all the time. Haven't had one in well over 15 years, not even common cold and a sore throat and I give credit to the teas for building up my immune system - and then there's always garlic and/or carrot juice. Baptisia unplugs the ears. Anything more in the sinuses, try the teas, or carrot juice.

I've suffered permanant loss of hearing in one ear because in my continuous "plugged" ears and drs mis-diagnosis or incorrect treatment. He diagnosed that in the middle of it all. I had no infection anywhere, but ears were plugged. He took an xray and said one of the bones in my right ear had enlarged because of ears being plugged all the time and would eventually result in permanent loss of hearing. He got THAT diagnosis right. He had no idea why my ears were plugged that day. That's when I looked for another way to fix it.

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