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I've been dealing with various problems that I believe are allergy related for the past 3 years (August to October, especially). I get sinus pressure and congestion, itchy/watery and burning eyes, headaches, dizziness, feeling 'fuzzy' headed, nervousness, as well as stomach issues and shortness of breath sometimes. Some of these symptoms come on VERY fast and then go away as fast as they came on.

My dr originally diagnosed me with mild anxiety. I didn't believe it b/c of the sinus and eye problems. They all seem to go together.

Last year the Ear, Nose & Throat dr did some allergy testing on me but I didn't react to anything. That was a scratch test with 80 needles. He gave me a few different allergy meds to try but they didn't seem to work. I have also tried a ton of OTC meds as well with no relief.

Luckily, most of my stomach issues were found to be from my gallbladder. I had it removed in May and that part is feeling MUCH better.

I'm just wondering how hard is it to find out what, if anything, I'm allergic to? I tried to narrow it down myself but it happens inside, outside, in the car, at the grocery store, all times of the day and I can't notice a different if I eat anything special.

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