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Chlorine in water
Oct 7, 2007
I'm allergic to chlorine and it s worst in swimming pools. as a child I would get very swollen eyes, and I had to stop going to those pools. salt water pools aer just as bad. If it was really bad I would take an antihistamine, because sometimes I wouldn't stop sneezing for days after. they may have cleared up the symptoms, but in the long run I would feel crapper, because of the amount of drugs I was taking. so I stopped going to pools.

now, for the last 6 years I would come out of the shower the same way, I was thinking it was my shampoo, becasue I can't read any of the ingreadents. so I must have been allergic to something. (forgetting that I had an allergy to Chlorine as a child) I took a shower with no soap, and I still came out the same. I told everyone "im allergic to the water" and everyone laughfed at me. I just realized that there is Chlorine in the water to kill the germs to "keep us healthy" or is it to keep us unhealthy?

I can't stand this anymore!! what am I supposto do? NOT take ANYMORE SHOWERS? I did cut back on my showers, but its worse for my allergies. if I don't clean my hair every 2 or 3 days, I get bumps on my head and very itchy, dirty hair is just as bad.


any suggestions? its not fair that they would put something people are allergic to in the water supply. it just seems stupid and mean.

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