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Thank you for the reply!

I had blood work done a few days ago to have my thyroid checked... it has been checked in the past but they always told me it was "normal". I will post the results though and see what you guys say.

My allergies actually aren't "normal" ... I'm allergic to nature and animals and molds and all kinds of things. :) But I was referring to the patch test I had being normal.

My ENT did the scopy thing up my nose... he just said I had a deviated septum and acid reflux problem. I only saw him once and I had a really bad sinus infection according to him. I am going back on Tuesday actually for a follow up.

My ear has also been ringing non stop for a month and a half. So, that's driving me nuts too.

I will definately bring up the things you mentioned though. My allergist told me yesterday that if the round of steroids she gave me doesn't make my ear stop ringing and bring me some relief, I'd have to go to a neurologist.

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