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I thought my face was healing fine, and then I cleaned the garage and touched a wool blanket to throw out since I'm allergic to wool, I suddenly felt heat on my face and with in a couple of hours I looked in the mirror and saw hives on my face. Now they have spread to my jaw and neck, cheeks were swollen, and hive or rash has started to ooze but my cryrotherapy is healing but the rash is red like a sunburn and I am allergic to most topical ointments. I walked the dogs with a hat on , I live in Florida and the heat made it worse. I went back to the skin doctor and she swears it was the neosporin, but I was healing fine till I cleaned out the garage, and probably touched my healing face. She is certain it is the neosporin, but why didn't it bother me all week when I used it under her direction, I think I got some dirt or wool into the unhealed portion of the therapy. I stopped using her creams, and started taking zinc orally, applied aloe in the daytime and vitamin E, cod liver oil at night. The cryro area is healing but I am plagued with an oozing clear, sticky rash on the rest of the face area and around the heal area, on my jaw and a few on the neck. Its annoying not trusting the doctor, who gave me a kenalog shot for the swollen oozing rash, she said to use hydrocordizone, but the petroleum just heats up the rash and it oozes. I still think my skin wasn't quite healed from the cryrotherapy and the dirty wool blanket I touched did it, and I never really got a reaction like this from wool, I would get alittle itchy and avoid wool, fragrances, and latex and even SPF creams bother me, which is why I started getting the darn keritosis on my body. Oh, yes, I had one cryrotherapy on my leg and never got a rash after cleaning the garage because it was covered with pants. I am sure I have got some kind of allergic reaction due to so many allergins entering the face. I think the doctor is wrong. Its only been a day since I saw the doctor and I refuse to take the creams she prescribed because of the petroleum, mineral oil and such in these creams. Its Friday, and I can't do anything but suffer.

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