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I know that Dr. Andrew Weil (he is an actual M.D.) recommends two natural treatments for allergies - Quercetin (400 mg) twice a day and Stinging Nettle (One to two capsules every two to four hours) - but he also says that it can take 6-8 weeks to see improvement.

I tried the natural treatments for about a month (in addition to using a HEPA filter in my bedroom and cutting down on my exposure to allergens) but didn't see much improvement and went back to over-the-counter Claritin (loratadine) which doesn't make me drowsy.

I don't know if his recommended natural treatment works for everyone but he's a fairly reliable source. If you really want to try a natural treatment you might give it a try (I'll stick with loratadine).
yes, there is natural relief for allergies! I have tried several things and found them to be effective. My ND had me try taking quercetin (1000 mg a day), I've heard nettles capsules are also effective.

In addition the the quercetin, she had me using a natural nasal spray (called "xlear"). I also used a saline nasal wash (called nasaline) to help get all of the "stuff" from my sinuses.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to get a hepa air filter to keep in your home to help eliminate any dust and things like that.

You might also want to look into some food allergy testing (particularly IgG). I know that once I found and eliminated the foods I had allergies to, I was amazed at how much better I felt!

Good luck!


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