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Food intolerance?
Feb 24, 2008
Hi there,

I don't know if this is the right forum to post on but I think ihave a food intolerance and wondered if anyone else can advise wehther it sounds like i do have this and whether my symptoms are from this problem or seperate.

i cannot pinpoint what exactly but i find that if i have milk, or wheat, possibly fish, that i go crazy, moods are all over the place. I feel confused, and drunk even, zombified, too confused/not safe to drive, and irritibable which is not like me. i have had mental health problems from stress but that stress is over - i am trying to work out ifmy problems are from diet or from something else. last week i felt ok at work but then as soon as friday night came, i ended up feeling really quite bad - as above - then all weekend i've felt a mess, confused and not right. on friday night i ate a pitta bread, tuna fish, tomatoes and lettuce. and some peanuts i think- this all seemd to trigger it off.these feelings seem different to depression to me.

a month or two a go i had an Elisa G type test (intolerance, not allergy) and it said i was q strongly intolerant to milk, eggs, beef, plaice (a kind of fish) and cashews (cannot remember what else). i was less intolerant to wheat and gluten but still intolerant.

my question is that - could the symptoms i've described (depression, confusion, drunken feeling, agitated) plus physical symptoms like sweating, wantting to breathe more (i mean like a panic attack but not as strong, kind of wheezing) be food allergy or something esle? I know these could be mental health problems but could it be this too. it is a horrible feeling one minute on friday i was ok, then the next it's like 48 hours of hell, i feel no where near right i just slump down in a chair and try and cope.

i hpoe this is not the wrong forum - has anyone else had similar reactions? i am from tomorrow going to try not eating wheat/bread and also avoid milk. i ahve since my test cut out cheese and hamburgers. i do to be honest just feel crazy. i am at the point where i will either go see a psyhciatrist to get some mood stabilisers or a nutritionist. the thing is i can be fine for a few days, and then not ok jus like that. also it's not like i everyday avoid milk and wheat - in the week i have one cup of tea with milk in that (usually just one cup of day, so not much millk). i also have one or two sandwiches usually, but then i thought something - at the weekend i tend to eat a different kind of bread thanin the week - it is a bread with more seeds in it, i do sometimes eat this in the week but only one or two slices in the week as breakfast - not for the rest of the day, whereas if i'm at home i might eat it for lunch too.

i am really struggling to lose weight too, i'm about 225 pounds and another thing is that it's like my stomach is distended all my weight is round there sometimes it sticks out more than others, and have been overweight for some time, i do not - 9/10 days eat more than my recommended calories and on the odd ocassion i do eat more, it is not enough to make me put on weight, so i don't know what is happening.

i am feeling quite desperate so this is why i am posting on here -i am finding i am at the end of my tether and this is no way to live, i cannot plan or do anything and just feel strnage at times. if anyone can confirm or offer any alternative theories i would b e grateful. i have been keeping a mood/food diary and the main question marks over things making me feel worse are wheat and dairy. but sometimes i seem ok with these things? sometimes not? so maybe it is not these things? or maybe diff kinds of bread are different? i don't know if i'm clutching at straws here.

Thank you to anyone who responds to this. i 'm not feeling too coherent at the moment, quite confused so sorry if this doesn't read too well.


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