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I haven't been to an allergist recently. Sometimes I get so sleepy, I don't think of the logical thing to do. Or I get so stuck investigating one direction, I forget about other things. I guess I'll go to an allergy specialist.

I do sleep in the same room with my dogs. They don't spend much time outside, but I'm sure they add to the problem. However, I'm not prepared to kick them out of the bedroom.

Quercetin seemed to help me last fall, but when I stopped it, it seemed like my symptoms got worse. I don't know if the quercetin changed my immune system or if it was going to get worse anyway.

Sannah, Louisville sounds like a big allergic problem for me. My job is supposed to move there in a couple of years. Yikes.

I do have trouble with my pulse and/or blood pressure after many foods. I was thinking it was more of a glucose problem than allergy.
Hi Katol, I just looked up Quercetin and it said that it was a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. No wonder you felt better. You could have some food allergies then? Yes, Louisville has been given the award in years past for being the allergy capital of the world. I forgot who looks at the stats every year but they look at the number of allergists and the number of allergy prescriptions and the pollen counts. Many people move here and say that their allergies are worse here.

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