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I HATE antibiotics, I am a natural healer all the way, but my sinus infections got so bad I had to go to an ENT. At first he put me on a Z pack, but then made me stop 3 days into it and start on 300 mg of Cedfdinir twice a day. I'm on my 3rd day of that. The sinus infection is improving but not completely gone. I was thinking of taking the cefdinir for a couple more days and then stopping and going back to grapefruit seed extract, garlic, and high doses of vitamin c along with nasal cleansing. I am currently taking acidophilous 3 hours after I ingest the cefdinir, so I can replenish any good bacteria. I feel just plan WEIRD on the cefdinir no matter how much water I drink I feel dizzy, and week and shaky and nausuas, and as negative as i might sound, I just feel that I'll probably have some kind of bad reaction, like a previous poster, and break out into hives....which would be horrible especially since I am going to be attending a very high profile event soon in which my picture will be taken...sounds vain, but I just plain want to get off this drug and I know all doctors will tell me not to stop taking it until I finish the course. Any suggestions? Please help:(

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